Adult Dinghy

Adult Dinghy

Sailing in a dinghy is fast, fun, and physical! 

Beginner Adult Dinghy

The Beginner Dinghy course is designed to teach small boat handling to new, beginner sailors on the RS Venture. Our three-to-one student-to-instructor ratio provides you with ample time on the helm with our certified instructor in the boat. This progression course teaches; water safety, terminology, knots, rigging, sail adjustment, docking, steering a course, person in the water drills, rules of the road, and capsize/recovery drills.
This is a 4-day course held over two weekendsand is taught on the RS Venture. This is a physically demanding course for beginner sailors.
Skills will be self-assessed then signed off by our Certified Sailing Instructor. You will receive the US Sailing Small Boat Sailor Certification Record Book, “The Little Red Book”, to keep track of student progress.

Saturday and Sunday

$599 4-day Course

Intermediate Adult Dinghy

The Intermediate Dinghy course is tailored to student skill level and objectives. At this stage our Instructor moves into a coach boat as students continue to develop their skills such as; rigging, sail trim, docking, steering a course, capsize/recovery drills, seamanship.
  • Navigation and Emergency Procedures
  • Current / Wind Effects and introduction to the physics of sailing
  • Proper sail/boat trim and hiking technique
  • Course rounding and roll tacking
  • Teamwork and crew dynamics
This course may continue on RS Ventures or move to Vanguard 15’s depending on student objectives and skill levels. Students will self-assess upon registering and we will tailor the class to meet the needs/objectives of the students. This is a very physical 2-day course.

Saturday and Sunday

$250 2-day Course

Dinghy Skills Day – Self Guided Practice – See Skills Days

Advanced Clinics and Rentals

Advanced dinghy clinics are held once a month for those interested in Laser sailing, racing skills development, and spinnaker sailing. More info and schedule of these clinics to come. If you are interested in a one day clinic please call our office for more details 415-421-2225. Successful passing of our Intermediate Course or a Checkout is all you need to rent from us. Please visit our rental page for more information.