Building Confidence & Character

Fostering Environmental Stewardship

Teaching Sailing from Puddles to Podiums

Video production donated by: Stas Margaronis, President- Propeller Club of Northern California

“Seaward ho! Hang the treasure! It’s the glory of the sea that has turned my head.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

We know sailing has the potential to change a life, and it is possible thanks to supporters like YOU! Together we are providing our community with access to sailing and our city’s precious resource, San Francisco Bay. We’re building the character of the next generation while teaching good habits and safe boating. We’re giving the community access to the water through free or low cost courses and rentals. Everyone who sails on our little gem in the Bay, Clipper Cove, leaves with a renewed self-confidence and a big smile.

“I learned that the main sheet can make the boat faster. Me and Riley and Finn went on a paddleboard and pretending that we were sky diving. The weeks here have left me with great memories and I have fun at TISC.”

“You get to sail in the Bay. There is different groups and different boats. I learned how to tack, capsize, and get out of irons.”

“I like to be able to have fun with my new friends. Learned about names of boat parts and tying knots. I think this camp is one of the best experiences I have ever done. I got to learn a lot of new things and meet a lot of new people.”

Since its inception in 1999, over 33,000 people have sailed with TISC and in this year alone we hit many milestones. The Set Sail Learn program served its 6700 the student while total youth served in 2018 was over 2200 with 24,000 hours of instruction.

“I liked sailing out of the cove. I learned how to sail upwind better and how to jibe correctly. I saw a jellyfish next to my boat!”

“I liked that if you have never sailed before you can learn and have a good time. I was scared about capsizing but once I did it, it was fun. In my two weeks of sailing I got very wet at the beach and in the morning I fun sailing.”

“I like about Treasure Island Sailing are going to the beach, ride a boat, and sail. My challenges are learning how to drive the boat, and learning different knots and parts of the boats. People are nice and help me how to sail.”

In 2018, TISC awarded over $160,000 in scholarships to youth and families. With an overall youth scholarship rate of 84%, TISC continues providing affordable and more often free sailing opportunities while building character and promoting a connection to San Francisco Bay.

“My children have done last year’s summer camp, fall sailing and just finished another summer camp. This program is absolutely wonderful; children are taught water safety, they develop decision making skills, make new friends and have fun sailing the Bay!”


“I like that children learn the important skill of sailing while learning self-confidence, resilience, and communication. Thank you for giving my “at-risk” teen a chance to learn sea lore and risk taking, in this historic, athletic, and supportive environment.”


“Love the pride, strength and autonomy that this program brings out in even the meekest child.”

$50 - sponsors Envision Academy Sailing Team's transportation

$100 - sponsors a First Sail Orientation for 4 students

$350 - sponsors a 5-day scholarship for a beginner sailor

$600 – Sponsors a sailor for a 10-day Summer Camp

$600 – Covers bus cost for one class to attend Set Sail Learn

$2,000 - sponsors one Set Sail Learn Class of 30 students

Please join us for a FREE fun family day out on Saturday, April 16 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC). ...

Today is #GivingTuesday!

Please consider supporting TISC. Your support will enable TISC to continue to bring the sport of sailing to a wide and diverse group of young sailors in 2022.

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, the national day of generosity. Please consider supporting TISC and help another generation of young sailings learn to love sailing on the San Francisco Bay! ...

A huge thank you to @plantconstruction for generously volunteering their time to build our new deck!! (More pictures coming soon) ...

Today is #givingtuesday2020! This year has been particularly hard for nonprofits like TISC. Please help us continue to serve our community and get youth out on the water!

#siebelsailing #ussailing #tisailing #sumercamp #socialydistantonthewater

Tomorrow is #givingtuesday2020! The Treasure Island Sailing Center needs your help to continue making sailing more accessible. This year has been particularly challenging for TISC and other small non-profits. Please help us continue to serve our community and get youth out on the water! ...

The docks have been pulled and are safely stowed on shore! Thank you to the small group of dedicated volunteers who helped pull and clean them! A special thank you to the folks from the Treasure Island Yacht Club! #tisailing #docksout2020 #tiyc #socialdistancing #perfectdaytocleansomedocks

📸@yarrcat Thanks Ros!

Our Virtual Field Trip Ecology of the Bay is a hit! Students complete the lesson with a Nature Journal activity, meet Oliver the Sea Otter ;) #oceanstewards #zoomclasses @11thhourracing @noaasanctuaries ...

Session 3 Week 2! Can’t believe it’s almost over! #summervibes #youthsailing @siebelcoach_chris @ussailing @rssailing ...

Session Two.. that’s a wrap! Sailors have surprised us and themselves this summer. Keep the #fridayvibes rolling! #youthsailing #opti_stuff #opti_tv ...

Basketball!! Fun Day Friday at its best! #sailinggames #fridayvibes ...

Race team had a great day sailing around the cove today!

#tisailing #summercamp #stillmakingithappen #buffup #sailing #maskson

Scrub a dub Thursday! All clean for the next round of campers. Thanks sailors for keeping it healthy and safe! #stewardship #summercamp2020 #siebelsailors @rssailingna ...

Lasers for the win! Our Teens are loving the opportunity to single-hand and try new boats! @laserperformance ...

Friday Dance Party! Thanks @siebelcoach_chris and @ussailing for the Instagram take over and all the amazing work you are doing with us! Check out US Sailing’s story for more fun videos from this weeks camp! #youthsailing #summercamp ...

Stop, reflect, educate. #communitysailing ...

Week one Summer Camp success!! Happy campers all around. Thanks to all Instructors, Board Members, Parents, Sailors, and Siebel Program for making this possible! #youthvoice #summercamp2020 @siebelcoach_chris @ussailing @opti_nation @notraffy @xoakin @_captainkim @rileytimken @milesraneri @cazziekrome @spraylostatsea ...

Team TISC ready for our first day of Summer Camp on Monday. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of amazing humans. Remember campers to wear your face covering and you will receive a cool TISC Buff!!#summercamp2020 #youthsailing ...

Our staff are preparing for an unusual, yet amazing Summer ! This is how we support one another to provide a healthy and inclusive space for our youth! #summercamp2020 #youthsailing #stafftraining @siebelcoach_chris @sf_dcyf ...

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Mission of the Treasure Island Sailing Center

We create opportunities for people to learn and grow through sailing by providing facilities, sailing instruction, and access to the water for people of all socio-economic backgrounds, abilities and skill levels from novice to Olympian.

Our Vision

  • To provide San Francisco with a first rate community sailing center that provides universal access to and lifelong connections with the Bay.
  • To serve ALL children in our community and to teach them more than sailing.

The Treasure Island Sailing Center is a 501c3 (EIN: 31-1625735) non-profit community sailing organization

698 California Ave Building 112
San Francisco, CA 94130