You'll never forget it...

The first time you saw the city from the water.  All the hustle and bustle was suddenly so far away from the helm of your boat.  And so quiet.

Since 1999, TISC has helped over 33,000 people find their way to the water.  Kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity sail a boat.  Families that haven’t been out of the city before.  Young people who never imagined that they could be sailors.

TISC is a 501c(3) public charity with TIN 31-1625735.  When you support TISC, you are supporting:

  • Experiential STEM Education for SFUSD Classrooms
  • Career and Life Skills development for kids in our Leadership Programs
  • Social and Emotional Skill development for kids in our Progression Program
  • A Welcoming and Supportive Environment for Diverse Communities to access the Bay
  • Water Safety Education for Youth, Adult and Adaptive Participants
  • High Quality Sail Training for the public


Provides 2 new life jackets for young sailors to safely explore Clipper Cove


Sponsors an afternoon sail on the Bay for a local Youth Group


Sponsors a family of three sailors to attend a Summer Camp session together

Building Confidence & Character Fostering Environmental Stewardship Teaching Sailing from Puddles to Podiums

"I learned that the main sheet can make the boat faster. Me and Riley and Finn went on a paddleboard and pretending that we were sky diving. The weeks here have left me with great memories and I have fun at TISC."

"You get to sail in the Bay. There is different groups and different boats. I learned how to tack, capsize, and get out of irons."

"I like to be able to have fun with my new friends. Learned about names of boat parts and tying knots. I think this camp is one of the best experiences I have ever done. I got to learn a lot of new things and meet a lot of new people."

"I liked sailing out of the cove. I learned how to sail upwind better and how to jibe correctly. I saw a jellyfish next to my boat!"

"I liked that if you have never sailed before you can learn and have a good time. I was scared about capsizing but once I did it, it was fun. In my two weeks of sailing I got very wet at the beach and in the morning I had fun sailing."

"I like about Treasure Island Sailing are going to the beach, ride a boat, and sail. My challenges are learning how to drive the boat, and learning different knots and parts of the boats. People are nice and help me how to sail."

"Summer Camp at TISC was awesome! We went to the beach and did paddleboards and played with friends. I can't wait to come back next year!?

"Thank you for sailing with us! This was the funnest field trip I've ever had, I loved going sailing with you! I loved seeing cool animals in the bay and I loved when we almost tipped over!"

"My Instructor was Cam and he was super fun. He taught me how to tack and I also made a best friend Jacob. Sailing is the best!"