Adult Sailing at TISC

Adult Dinghy - Beginner

The Beginner Dinghy course is designed to teach small boat handling to new sailors on the Flying Junior, or FJ, a 16 foot class of capsizable dinghy used all over the country as an excellent trainer platform for youth and adults alike. Coaches provide instruction form a powerboat, so participants maximize their tiller time rather than watching their instructor sailing.  This course teaches everything you need to know to begin operating a small sailboat on your won – basic water safety, terminology, knots, rigging, sail trim, docking, steering a course, person-in-the-water recovery, avoiding collisions, and capsize recovery.

The course is 2 consecutive Weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm.  TISC provides all necessary gear including wetsuits, life-jackets and close-toed shoes.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own gear for the best fit.  Reach to TISC for recommendations of what gear will work best for your sailing goals.

This course uses the US Sailing Small boat curriculum.

Saturday and Sunday

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
$1000 4-day Course