Our Location

The Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) is home to many active sailors and sailing programs. We are a non-profit community based facility managed by a core group of employees and dedicated volunteers. Our goal is to provide storage for active sailors that are committed to opening the sport of sailing to a larger and more diverse community. The city of San Francisco supports these community based programs by providing us with a no cost lease in exchange for community services. In addition to providing operating funds for the facility, storage fees go to further our mission by supporting our youth outreach and adaptive sailing programs for people of varying physical and developmental abilities. Please strongly consider these goals and terms when applying to TISC. We ask that everyone involved, and using the facility, support this mission, provide volunteerism to ensure its success, and be enthusiastic and supportive to our new sailing enthusiasts.

The TISC facility can be rented for your local or national regatta. The Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) is a great place for racing of all skill levels. Our location, facilities and space make it the ideal place in San Francisco Bay to hold regattas for dinghies and small keel boats. TISC has easy access to racing areas with different conditions, has docks and hoists needed to support dinghies and small keelboats, and space for lots of boats. Please consider TISC when planning your next Regional, National and International Events! Please visit the forms page to fill out the appropriate paperwork.
We are happy to have people visit TISC during open houses, regattas, and special events. For people wanting to use TISC as a boat launching facility, prior requests MUST be submitted by emailing info@tisailing.org. A TISC representative will respond to all requests Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. If the boat is appropriate for our launching facilities (under 2 TONS and less than 27 feet) an orientation will be set up to go over the House Rules of the Facility. Daily launch charges apply. Boats may not stay in the water overnight.
Ramp Launch $15
1 Ton Hoist Launch $50
2 Ton Hoist Launch $75
We may ask for proof of insurance before allowing use of our hoist. You are responsible for all boat side lifting equipment (harness / bridal / etc). TISC cannot provide any lifting straps etc.
Dry Storage is available for boats under 2 tons and 27 feet. TISC provides a launching ramp for smaller boats and 2 hoists, a one ton and a two ton for launching larger boats. You must have your own lifting harness to use the hoist. The TISC facility is open year round with 24 hour access to our tenants.
Rack Storage 16ft X 6.5ft $50
Dinghy Dolly/Trailer 16ft X 6.5ft $80
Keelboat/Motorboats 30ft X 8.5ft $130

In addition to the forms below, please provide a copy of your current government issued driver’s license, proof of ownership (either registration of copy of title), and insurance with Treasure Island Sailing Center 698 California Ave. Bldg. 112 San Francisco, CA 94130 listed as ‘additionally insured’ for $300,000 liability.

Applicable Forms

Send forms and documents to info@tisailing.org

V15 and Laser Fleet Venue

TISC is proud to host the V15 and Laser fleet Thursday night racing. This series runs approximately from April to September. These fleets are organized by an outside team of volunteers. To sign up for racing please contact the fleet directly.