Leadership Societies at TISC

The Treasure Island Sailing Center is supported by generous individual donations that help us bring the joys and triumphs of a life on the water to everyone.  Our incredible work is made possible by passionate and dedicated volunteers and philanthropists who want to make a difference in the lives of children today.

All TISC Donors receive a Thank You Note from the Executive Director, a refrigerator magnet, a sticker and acknowledgement in our Annual Report.  Donors who make significant contributions are recognized with additional acknowledgement.

To learn more about TISC’s Leadership Societies and the impact YOU can make at TISC, get in touch with Executive Director Chris Childers today.


Island Club Membership

Members of TISC’s Island Club know that a little goes a long way, especially for a small non-profit in a big crazy world.  That’s why Island Clubbers support TISC through monthly donations.  Give TISC an extra monthly boost by donating now.

  • $10/month provides a one-day sailing program for 2 kids
  • $20/month helps a youth group spend more time on the water this summer
  • $50/month gets 4 classrooms to TISC for Set Sail Learn this year

Clipper Cove Club Membership

Members of the Clipper Cove Club are the heart of philanthropy at TISC.  These generous individuals ensure that TISC continues to support our community and bring Bay access to area youth for years to come.

  • Bronze Level – Yearly giving of $1,500 or more
  • Silver Level – Yearly giving of $5,000 or more
  • Gold Level – Yearly giving of $15,000 or more