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Volunteering at TISC

TISC would not be possible without the many volunteers who put their time and energy into making our facility and programs accessible for everyone in the San Francisco Bay. We provide opportunities for adults to contribute to TISC’s mission and the community through volunteerism. TISC utilizes volunteers in a variety of ways from helping with community or fundraising events and maintaining its fleet to office work and program instruction.

Volunteer Rewards Program

We acknowledge the importance of giving back to our communities. Some of us get involved with TISC to meet new people and others to sharpen their skills.  Some people are passionate for the cause, while others may volunteer to learn how to sail. For the later, we have created a Volunteer Rewards Program. Whatever the motivation, all are welcome!

Volunteers with a minimum of 16 hours of service:

  • Can utilize TISC’s programs and fleet
  • Can trade their hours equal to hours of instruction for any of TISC’s courses or rentals
  • Must adhere to TISC’s progression of courses and boat usage policies
  • Must complete volunteer hours equal to any course or rental prior to any reservation

TISC will reserve 25% of its courses for volunteers per availability. Volunteer hours are non-transferable unless in the case of a minor to whom the volunteer is a legal guardian.

Logging your hours not only benefits you, it also supports Sail Sand Point ‘s annual Public Benefit which helps to offset operating costs for the organization. You can log hours online or in-person in the office.

Sign Up To Volunteer – It’s Easy!

  1. Complete the Volunteer Information Form
  2. We will add you to our email list and let you know when volunteer opportunities arise.
  3. Checkout our Volunteer Handbook.
  4. Enroll in our Volunteer Rewards Program

Group Sail: J24 Instructor

Experienced sailors can volunteer to take a small groups of people sailing around the cove teaching them the basics of sailing. Volunteers need to pass TISC’s J24 checkout and are required to do a background check if they are going to be working with youth.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Opening Day TENTATIVELY  Rescheduled on Summer Sailstice June 20th!  Stay Tuned! 
  • Opening Day April 25th Cancelled

VI Sailing

This is a one-Saturday or Sunday-a-month event hosted at Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC)  in partnership with the Lighthouse Sailing School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. TISC is seeking experienced sailors to participate in these events either as instructors or as crew members on a J24.  Some training will be required in order to gain experience in teaching blind and visiually-impaired sailors.  More information can be found

Marketing and Publications

 We send upcoming news through constant contact and use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to let people know what is happening at TISC. Do you have skills that would help in this effort? This is a great opportunity to help us from the convenience of your home or office!


Volunteer for a day or more to help improve the grounds of TISC or paint or repair.

General Boat Maintenance

Did you know that TISC has over 100 boats? All of these get serious use (and a bit of abuse). We can always use help with sanding, oiling, painting and cleaning the vessels.


Involvement can range from membership growth, to event planning, to presenting to parties interested in the growth and development of the Treasure Island Sailing Center. We always need people to help create these events to support our programs.

Regatta Support

No sailing program is complete without the racing aspect. TISC hosts several regatta’s during the year and each of these regattas could use support on land and on the water. This is a fun way to watch the competition and inspire the next generation of sailors!

Administrative Support

The administrative support volunteer will assist the team by providing clerical support in our office.  This can include data entry, maintaining filling system, answering and directing phone calls

More Information

If you have any questions about TISC’s Volunteer Program please email or call us at 415 421-2225

Please join us for a FREE fun family day out on Saturday, April 16 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC). ...

Today is #GivingTuesday!

Please consider supporting TISC. Your support will enable TISC to continue to bring the sport of sailing to a wide and diverse group of young sailors in 2022.

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, the national day of generosity. Please consider supporting TISC and help another generation of young sailings learn to love sailing on the San Francisco Bay! ...

A huge thank you to @plantconstruction for generously volunteering their time to build our new deck!! (More pictures coming soon) ...

Today is #givingtuesday2020! This year has been particularly hard for nonprofits like TISC. Please help us continue to serve our community and get youth out on the water!

#siebelsailing #ussailing #tisailing #sumercamp #socialydistantonthewater

Tomorrow is #givingtuesday2020! The Treasure Island Sailing Center needs your help to continue making sailing more accessible. This year has been particularly challenging for TISC and other small non-profits. Please help us continue to serve our community and get youth out on the water! ...

The docks have been pulled and are safely stowed on shore! Thank you to the small group of dedicated volunteers who helped pull and clean them! A special thank you to the folks from the Treasure Island Yacht Club! #tisailing #docksout2020 #tiyc #socialdistancing #perfectdaytocleansomedocks

📸@yarrcat Thanks Ros!

Our Virtual Field Trip Ecology of the Bay is a hit! Students complete the lesson with a Nature Journal activity, meet Oliver the Sea Otter ;) #oceanstewards #zoomclasses @11thhourracing @noaasanctuaries ...

Session 3 Week 2! Can’t believe it’s almost over! #summervibes #youthsailing @siebelcoach_chris @ussailing @rssailing ...

Session Two.. that’s a wrap! Sailors have surprised us and themselves this summer. Keep the #fridayvibes rolling! #youthsailing #opti_stuff #opti_tv ...

Basketball!! Fun Day Friday at its best! #sailinggames #fridayvibes ...

Race team had a great day sailing around the cove today!

#tisailing #summercamp #stillmakingithappen #buffup #sailing #maskson

Scrub a dub Thursday! All clean for the next round of campers. Thanks sailors for keeping it healthy and safe! #stewardship #summercamp2020 #siebelsailors @rssailingna ...

Lasers for the win! Our Teens are loving the opportunity to single-hand and try new boats! @laserperformance ...

Friday Dance Party! Thanks @siebelcoach_chris and @ussailing for the Instagram take over and all the amazing work you are doing with us! Check out US Sailing’s story for more fun videos from this weeks camp! #youthsailing #summercamp ...

Stop, reflect, educate. #communitysailing ...

Week one Summer Camp success!! Happy campers all around. Thanks to all Instructors, Board Members, Parents, Sailors, and Siebel Program for making this possible! #youthvoice #summercamp2020 @siebelcoach_chris @ussailing @opti_nation @notraffy @xoakin @_captainkim @rileytimken @milesraneri @cazziekrome @spraylostatsea ...

Team TISC ready for our first day of Summer Camp on Monday. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of amazing humans. Remember campers to wear your face covering and you will receive a cool TISC Buff!!#summercamp2020 #youthsailing ...

Our staff are preparing for an unusual, yet amazing Summer ! This is how we support one another to provide a healthy and inclusive space for our youth! #summercamp2020 #youthsailing #stafftraining @siebelcoach_chris @sf_dcyf ...

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Mission of the Treasure Island Sailing Center

We create opportunities for people to learn and grow through sailing by providing facilities, sailing instruction, and access to the water for people of all socio-economic backgrounds, abilities and skill levels from novice to Olympian.

Our Vision

  • To provide San Francisco with a first rate community sailing center that provides universal access to and lifelong connections with the Bay.
  • To serve ALL children in our community and to teach them more than sailing.

The Treasure Island Sailing Center is a 501c3 (EIN: 31-1625735) non-profit community sailing organization

698 California Ave Building 112
San Francisco, CA 94130