We've got big plans...

Its no secret that Treasure Island, San Francisco and the Bay Area are in a state of change.  As our entire region is in flux, our communities need our support more than ever.  

Read about our Fundraising Priorities below, and reach out to learn about how you can help bring a brighter future for tomorrow’s leaders.

Support TISC's Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the best way to help TISC get the essential, unrestricted operational support necessary to do our important work.  Although the distribution of the fund can change from year to year, the Fund will always support our core mission objectives:

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
    • So families, youth and groups can find the same challenges, exhilarations and opportunities to learn as the entire sailing community
  • Programs and Curriculum Development
    •  So we can better support our sailors finding their way
      to fun and life lessons on the Bay
  • Training and Professional Development Opportunities
    •  So our staff can continually help our participants be their greatest self 
  • Modern and Safe Fleet and Facility
    • So our communities can enjoy safe access to the Bay with the dignity that everyone in our community deserves

Our Annual Fund in Action


Provides 2 new life jackets for young sailors to safely explore Clipper Cove


Sponsors an afternoon sail on the Bay for a local Youth Group


Sponsors a family of three sailors to attend a Summer Camp session together


Sponsor a mainsail for Set Sail Learn – 
show our sailors that you care!



Upgrade and Replenish our youth wetsuits and foul weather gear!


Sponsors a season of Set Sail Learn – keep our  SFUSD 4th graders sailing!

Support Needed Infrastructure Improvements

Ramp Float


The Floating Dock beneath our Ramp is where every sailor at TISC takes their first steps onto the Bay.

Dock Sections


TISC lost a section of long dock in a storm during the winter of 2022-23 and needs to be replaced.

New Hoists


TISC's aging hoists are relics of the Navy and to be replaced in order to facilitate TISC's keelboat programs.

Building Maintenance


Until TISC can move to our new home, our three modular office buildings will need to house our team and host our Set Sail Learn Program - they all need some TLC.

Pier Improvements


Pier 12 at TISC dates back to the Navy days and is in need of major upgrades in order to continue running quality programming at TISC.

New Ramp

$1 million

TISC is already looking forward to a new ramp for our center after Island Development has progressed and we can occupy our final footprint. Help make our dreams come true!