J24 Rentals

J 24 Boat Use Program

A three tiered program that encourages independent sailing through education, experience and self-guided instruction. Courses are intended to lead to J/24 rentals for qualified sailors. Please contact the office to schedule a rental or for more information!

Qualified sailors can complete the checkout to rent our J24s

Use of a boat inside Clipper Cove for a 3-hr period doing structured skills practice on scheduled days during which a waterfront staff member is present. There are three different Skills Days:

  • Advanced Sailing
  • Docking
  • Crew Overboard

Basic Keelboat certification or the equivalent. Certification can be through TISC, another US Sailing facility or an ASA facility. The student must also have sailing experience within the past 12 months (this includes classes). If the student has no certification or no recent experience he/she can be qualified through a checkout by a TISC staff member.

The boat must have 2-5 persons aboard, and all persons on the boat must have Basic Keelboat certification or the equivalent. Navigation is limited to Clipper Cove.


Privileges Use of a boat within Clipper Cove and up to 1 nautical mile offshore on the east side of Treasure Island for a 3-6-hr period for general skill building and unstructured activity.
Qualification Level I Qualification plus completion of the Advanced Keelboat course, all three Level I Skills Days (at least one as skipper).
Limitations There must be at least two people on the boat with Level II Qualification or the equivalent. No more than five people on the boat. Navigation is limited to Area A.
Fee $250/Day

Privileges Unstructured use of a boat within extended navigation limits for a 3-6-hr period.
Qualification Checkout by a TISC Waterfront Evaluator , and Heavy Weather Clinic following a prescribed checklist that closely follows the US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification standard.
Limitations There must be at least one Level III sailor plus one other qualified sailor on the boat. There cannot be more than five people on the boat. Navigation is limited to Clipper Cove and a prescribed area as shown in the Limits of Navigation provided by TISC.

Area A

Area B