The Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) Open Sailing Program provides an opportunity for the TISC community to come out and enjoy the bay. Parents, relatives, and friends with youth currently enrolled (or those who have been enrolled within the last year) have the opportunity to rent boats at TISC free of charge (a small reservation fee may apply). Note that this is not a class and only minimal supervision is available.  Youth under 12 require an adult present to be able to go out.

Skill Level Certifications

Each sailor receives a certification level based on their sailing skill and experience. For each level, the sailor must pass a rigging and an on-the-water practical. These skill levels determine a sailor’s permitted sailing area and wind conditions. 

  • Crew  – Crew on all sailboats with higher level skipper
  • Level 1 – Skippering up to 10 knots
  • Level 2 – Skippering up to 14 knots
  • Level 3 – Skippering up to 18 knots

Safety Limitations
To ensure the highest standards of safety, the following limitations are in effect.

Sailing Conditions: Each sailor’s permitted sailing conditions are directly related to the wind speeds and his/her certification level. Wind speeds are indicated by a flag on the pier flag pole. 

  • Green – Light winds up to 10 knots – Level 1 skipper and above
  • Yellow – Moderate winds up to 14 knots – Restricted use, Level 2 skipper and above
  • Orange– Strong winds up to 18 knots – Restricted use, Level 3 only, No watersports equipment
  • Red – Strong winds 20+ – No sailing

Please Note: If the wind flag is dropped, no boats can leave the facility and all boats must return to shore.

Sailing Areas: TISC has two sailing areas. The highest level skipper onboard dictates which areas the sailors are allowed to sail. Watersports equipment (kayaks, paddleboards, windsurfers) are only allowed in Sailing Area 1.

  • Sailing Area 1: All watersports equipment and sailboats skippered by sailors with a Level 1 certification. Limit line is from the end of the TISC Launch Ramp, straight across the cove.
  • Sailing Area 2+: For sailboats with sailors with Levels 2 and 3 certifications only. From the end of the pier straight to the bridge