Dinghy Rentals

All sailors of any skill level are welcome to rent our small boats. Some boats require more skill to sail than others. Learn more about Skill Ratings and our Boats bellow...

Beginner Rating

Intermediate Rating

Requires passing or testing out of Adult Beginner Dinghy class. This rating allows you to practice your dinghy skills with other level I students in moderate conditions. Sailors must stay inside the cove.
Requires passing or testing out of Adult Intermediate class. This rating allows you to rent our RS Ventures, Vanguard 15s, and Lasers in moderate conditions with up to 2 guests. Sailors must stay inside the cove.
If you have extensive sailing experience, TISC gives you the option of doing a checkout sail with one of our instructors. Upon passing the practical and written assessment you can rent dinghies from us when TISC is open for rentals.

Rental Prices/Hours

Rental Hours
Sat & Sun 10:00am - 4:30pm

Rental Seasons
August - November, July - July

Office Hours
Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

Type Cost Deposit Prerequisite
  • $40 half day
  • $60 full day
  • $250 Deposit
    Intermediate Dinghy
  • $35 half day
  • $50 full day
  • $250 Deposit
    Advanced Clinic
    RS Ventures
  • $100 half day
  • $200 full day
  • $500 Deposit
    Intermediate Dinghy

    *Half Day = 1-3 1/1 hrs      Full Day = 3 1/2-7 hrs      Call ahead to schedule (415) 421-2225. Walk-ins welcome.

    Boats to Rent


    9ft, 1 youth

    Tera is used for our Beginner and Intermediate Youth Classes. This is the best option for a youth sailor looking to get better.


    13ft, 1 youth or adult

    The Laser is one of the most popular sailboats ever, even being sailed in the Olympic Games. This boat is high performance and challenging!


    13ft, 1-2 youth or adults

    The Feva is a great boat for younger sailors to use to practice more advanced sailing skills like sailing with a partner and sailing fast. This boat is quick and zippy.


    15ft, 2 adults

    V15s are very similar to FJs but a little bit easier for adults to sail. We also have an active racing fleet that races on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Get Training!


    13ft, 2 young adults

    Mostly used for competition for High School and College, it can be a fun option for adult learners too. Pretty tippy, but the systems are very basic and it’s a great bare-bones experience that prepares you for many other boats. With more sail area than a Feva, sailors should be slightly larger to keep this boat dry.


    At wind speeds of 15-18kts all dinghies will be called back to the dock. Sailing in these conditions requires a very high level of training to keep everyone safe. Wind ratings are assigned during checkout or upon completion of our courses.

    TISC has multiple first aid resources on site as well as being located very close to a fire department and coast guard base. All of these safety provisions as well as the training of staff and maintenance of facility do not guarantee protection against personal injury. You will be provided a legal waiver to sign prior to sailing. You may review that document here.