Set Sail Learn

Programs Overview

Together with its generous partners, TISC is proud to run two Set Sail Learn STEM programs, Set Sail Learn (SSL) and Sailing to Save the Sea (SSS). Set Sail Learn – 4th Grade Program is the program that started it all. To date, more than 6,000 SF school district 4th graders have been given the chance to sail on and learn about the SF Bay through TISC’s one day SSL STEM program. Starting in Spring 2019, in addition to continuing the SSL program, TISC will be running the Sailing to Save the Sea – 5th Grade Program. This immersive Mon-Fri program offers 5th graders a more in-depth introduction to the SF Bay’s ecosystems. Students spend the first three days at TISC either in the classroom or sailing outside on Clipper Cove. For the last two days, our STEM instructor goes out to the school and teaches there.

11th Hour Racing Announces New Grantees for World Oceans Day

Seven grantees focused on restoring ocean health in the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Funded by The Schmidt Family Foundation, 11th Hour Racing’s grant program is committed to mobilizing the sailing, marine, and coastal communities to create systemic change for the health of our oceans.  READ MORE    11th Hour Grant and TISC